Rooie Pearl Vos Schalie

Rooie Pearl Vos Schalie Red Fox Janssens/all birds are subject to shipping fees.1 bird $55.00/2 birds $65.00/3 birds$75.00/4 birds$85.00

Heitzman Sion Red Check Cock

IF 09 SLI 807 RC Cock

Heitzman Sion

Heitzman Sion Pair

Heitzman Sion Red Check Pair

Heitzman Sion BB cock

IF 07 PS 5054 BB Cock

Heitzman Sion

Heitzman Sion cock

IF 04 PS 534 Heitzman Sion cock

Brick Red Sion cock

Brick Red Sion cock

Heitzman Sion cock

IF 03 PS 454

Heitzman Sion cock

Sion BBSP cock

Black eyed Blue Bar Splash cock

Ganus Janssen Brothers

IF 10 PS 7507

Ganus Janssen Brothers

Ganus Breeders

AU 10 Cent 24868

Ganus Breeder

Ganus Blue Miracle Breeder

CU 08 Stan 3

Ganus Blue Miracle Breeder

Ganus Kleine Merckx Breeder

AU 10 Centennial 24851

Ganus Kleine Merckx Breeder

Hekkenklak Breeders

Oakhaven Hekkenklak Breeders

Golden Mattens / Knockout / Millenium / Hollywood

IF 10 PS 7505 BB hen

Ganus Golden Mattens / Knockout / Millenium / Hollywood

Hollywood / Topo Cock

Ganus Hollywood / Topo 2718 cock

Playboy Cock

Gaby Vandenabeele

o19 Janssen Hen

o19 Janssen off imports


Sun City Million Dollar 2004

About Us

Pigeons have been a part of my life since the family moved  from Flatbush, N.Y. East to Central Islip, N.Y. in 1956. It wasn’t long after that, my father,who was a rooftop flyer in Brooklyn acquired
himself a colony of flying Flights and Tipplers. As kids, my brothers and I were always involved with dad’s birds. In 1978 he passed away and I was the last to remain home and subsequently now had 100 pigeons of my own to manage. By now he also had Homers. That’s when things for me changed.

I sold off the Flights and Tipplers and became a ‘Homer’ flyer. As luck would have it, I met some great local flyers who sold and gave me birds. Most notably Hyuskin-Van Riel’s pigeons from a close friend of Dr. Leon F. Whitney, my new friend and ‘mentor’ from the power company, Manuel Ribo. He had an extensive colony of HVR’s and Jan Aarts pigeons when I met him. Eventually I was asked to care for them and was offered complete use of the entire colony. I had by then taken a liking to the family of ‘Huskins’ and was hooked. I still have an entire loft of this families offspring.

I was also befriended by two highly successful and well known flyers. The Mongolucci brothers of Prudential I&II lofts. Together with Patty Rayano of Joyland loft and  their combined families of ‘Sions’ I started my racing. Together the family has won all you could in pigeon racing. We still have these two families and couldn’t be happier. I have acquired birds through the years as additional families. I have always maintained a colony which I breed straight. We’ve added Janssen bros. to ‘round’ out our birds ability to keep up with the new and exciting prospects as the sport of racing pigeons evolves. Today, we still search for the best there is in the sport.

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